Doughfest: A Festival of Doughnuts


Marquee was definitely packed on Saturday, March 19th.  That is, during the day (I went to bed early that night so I can’t confirm what the scene was after sunset).  People were lining up starting at 10am to partake in the first ever Doughfest presented by Time Out.

Imagine: You pay one price and get unlimited doughnuts, beer, coffee, and baileys.  Not a bad deal, right?! And we’re not talking about your boring massed produced doughnuts.  These were the crème de la crème (pun intended) of what New York City has to offer.  Mix that with a DJ blasting 90s/early 2000 hits, drag queens and neon doughnut light displays and you get one amazing party! Here’s a snapshot of vendors you missed out on if you foolishly didn’t go:

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The Doughnut Project
Known for their fresh and unique ingredients, these guys know how to confuse your taste buds.  Can you imagine crushed black pepper on a doughnut? How about potato chips or olive oil or poppy seeds or rosemary?  The Doughnut Project team are geniuses for enlightening us all to these ingredients on their doughnuts.  The two doughnuts they featured were “The Bronx” and “The Costanza”.  The Bronx was a mix of olive oil with black pepper while The Costanza was an over the top (in a good way) doughnut which blended salted chocolate glaze with buttered pretzels, ritz, and potato chip crumble.  The Doughnut Project team definitely mastered the savory sweet combo!







David Burke Kitchen
They are less known for their doughnuts and more known for their restaurant in SoHo featuring unique American cuisine.  Their featured doughnut lived up to the hype of their restaurant.  They prepared little doughnut holes with tiny plastic bottles sticking out of them.  What were in these plastic bottles, you ask?  They were filled with spiked raspberry limoncello which you would squeeze into the doughnut yourself! Pretty amazing!!

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Orwasher’s Bakery
Ok, so the doughnuts brought by Orwasher’s Bakery were probably the most decadent there.  They featured two doughnuts: one filled with black raspberry jam and one filled with strawberry jam.  And this isn’t just a small hole with a little jam stuffed inside.  Imagine a doughnut hollowed out and stuffed with as much jam as humanly possible.  There’s nothing else to say to describe how amazing these doughnuts were.







Underwest Doughnuts
If you ever wanted to know what lavender tastes like on a doughnut, Underswest is the place for you.  Its normal location is tucked away in a car wash near the Hudson River.  Too far for me! So I was pleased to see their display at Doughfest.  My personal favorite doughnut from them was “The Carwash” which featured a vanilla-lavender glaze on top.  It’s very sweet, it’s very dense and….TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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Mike’s Donuts
Sometimes you just want a simple, straightforward doughnut.  Not from a chain – a fresh tasty doughnut from a local bakery. Mike’s has perfected your Boston cream doughnuts, your jelly doughnuts and any other standards you can think of.  Definitely worth the extra calories!





So there you have it! If you didn’t go to Doughfest this year, I bet all the calories I consumed that it’ll be back next year.  But don’t make the same mistake twice – make sure to go!
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