Museum of Ice Cream


Ever dream of jumping into a pool of sprinkles? If you can grab a ticket…you actually can now at the Museum of Ice Cream exhibition in the Meatpacking District.

IMG_8701Right across the street from the new and improved Whitney Museum, you can get a sponsored scope of ice cream from a local ice cream parlor.

I got to experience a Taro ice cream with lychee boba with a strawberry pocky stick! Basically my dream in a cup/cone. The scoops change weekly!

After this, you are guided into themed rooms like a dark chocolate lounge with unlimited pieces of dove chocolate while you wait for the pièce de résistance, the pool of (plastic) sprinkles. You are given a few minutes to jump around on the diving board, take all the selfies you want and the staff kindly even help you take group photos!

IMG_8712Finally, you get to chill while swinging on an ice cream sandwich or ride an ice cream scooper seesaw and enjoying your final ice cream cone and taking mirror selfies.

To say the least, it was a rough wake up call to walk out of this little dreamland!

As for how to get tickets for this museum, I would suggest setting a notification for every time the Museum of Ice Creams posts on Instagram, which is where they will let everyone know if they are releasing more tickets or ask around! Maybe someone has an extra!

The Museum of Ice Cream experience ends Saturday, September 10th. Follow these links for more information: