The 6th Annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival


Did you get a chance to attend the 2016 New York City Vegetarian Food Festival this past weekend? We did and it sure was an experience!

There was something for pretty much everyone from adults to even a baby to young children play area with kid-friendly and healthy snacks and toys. Of course, my favorite part are trying out all the different samples of vegan and vegetarian products that different brands were promoting. A lot of the samples were products that were up and coming and most would be found in Whole Foods shortly, coupons were handed out to entice purchase (I took full advantage and have a small stack waiting to be used). I signed up for more information for yoga classes and hope to attend one soon.

IMG_20160508_165037A lot of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants were there too handing out either free food like Fresh & Co‘s grain bowls or for purchase (ranging from 5 dollars for a side to 15 dollars for a meal) such as the Cinnamon Snail with its really creative selection and amazing donuts which are all vegan! I also got to seat on a panel hosted by the Institute of Culinary Education where James Distefano made me dream of a better future where I could cook that well.

We cannot wait to see what they will have next year! But for now, I am heading to Whole Foods to use these coupons.