TEDxCUNY 11.20.15


Borders & Belongs

A series of professors, students, and professionals delivered a cohesive message about the importance of highlighting our similarities. Whether it be race, culture, or regional belonging there is an undeniable oneness that make us human. Social constructs and physical borders create boundaries that contribute to our unique placement in the world. Yet, there are mediums of communicative experience that connects us. Fear, struggle, music, science, and communication are the universal themes these speakers echoed in their TED talks. To be a global citizen we must first recognize the power of choice.

From criminal justice professors to foreign exchange students, the event hosted a range of speakers came from different backgrounds. History found itself at the center stage, from talking about Assyrian warfare to the sociopolitical tensions of American Slavery, there was almost no topic left untouched. An international reporter for NBC encouraged us to be more critical thinkers in the face of fear & stereotypes, while a biomedicine scientist explained how subways expose us to certain resistant bacteria. Each speaker’s background and heritage contributed to the multicultural atmosphere.

The Tribeca Performing Arts center at the Borough of Manhattan Community College campus serves as a great venue for TEDxCUNY. The halls danced with art of different forms, shapes, and dimensions. Each piece signifying the theme — Borders and Belonging. Seats filled with individuals sitting on a common learning ground, students of daily life. Surely many interests intersect somewhere between culture & college. Above the crowd were waves of great white triangles hailed neon lights on our seats. The interior design felt like an opera house, minus the tapestry of Greek gods but yet still magical.

After the event, I sat and wondered “What is next?” Being an attendee of such a profound event has definitely impacted my own life. It was surreal to process the ambiance of TED.

Thanks for reading! For the next week be sure to look out for my follow up articles summing up each speaker’s points!

-P.S. Explore, Expand & Experience!