Bareena’s NYC Bookstore Picks


There is a wealth of wonderful bookstores, with many different personalities, throughout New York City. Rather than list every great place in the five boroughs, I have listed the ones I happen to have an attachment to, for some reason or another:

Book Culture, at 536 West 112th Street, btw. Broadway and Amsterdam.

Book Culture has amazing literary and scholarly books on topics you never knew were interesting. It’s also right near both the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the Hungarian Pastry Shop. Combine those two places with lots of browsing at Book Culture, and you’ve got a lovely day.

There’s a small auxiliary location further down on the Upper West Side, but it’s not the same.

The Book Cellar, in the basement of Webster Library

The basement of the Webster Library has a wonderful used bookstore. Check out the reviews here for more information.

strand3The Strand, on Broadway & E 12th Street

This place is big, with tons of unusual and hard-to-find titles. You can come across some great finds here.

Looking for something similar to Politics & Prose or Kramerbooks in DC?

Lower Manhattan has many bookstores that are worth wandering around in. Rather than list them all, I’ll give you the link to this article: Independent Bookstores in New York That Are Not the Strand

Brooklyn has some terrific bookstores, too. See this article for more information: Top 8 Bookstores in Brooklyn. Greenlight is pretty cool.

This post originally appeared on Quora. Republished here with permission.