The Cliffs at D.U.M.B.O


Have you ever wanted to climb the Manhattan bridge? Well now the next best thing has arrived! The Cliffs at D.U.M.B.O (Down Under the Manhattan & Brooklyn Overpass) is located literally underneath the Manhattan bridge at 99 Plymouth street. A miniature Colorado in Brooklyn that has big challenges for you. The easiest route is the F train to York St, you can literally follow the roars of Manhattan bridge to the park. Additional trains are the A/C to High street or 2/3 to Clark street, both are about a 15 minute walk. They are open from 10am-10pm, Monday-Friday and 9am-8pm on Saturday & Sunday.

13558611_10206767948622084_4808091640283841507_oA day pass at the Cliffs costs $9, definitely cheaper than some Starbucks orders especially for something that lasts all day. Climbing shoes are provided, it is recommended to go a whole size up and for those with wide feet maybe go one & a half sizes up. For instance, if you’re normally a size 9 men’s then size up either to a 10 or 10.5 men’s (this rule applies to women & children as well).

13558808_10206767948102071_4527160382483522960_oBringing the mountains to New York City this Experience is full of color coded obstacles spread across vivid blue walls & floors. The park is divided into two sections, the right hand side is for beginners and children ages 5-13, and the left hand side is for expert climbers and those overly confident beginners. Each respective color represents a difficulty, ranging from purple (easy) to white (difficult).

Lastly, pace yourself. Breathing & stretching are natural allies in maneuvering through any of these challenges. Getting a good stretch in 10-15 minutes before the climb is helpful, many muscles in the forearms & wrists can tighten quickly like a wrestling move! It is also wise to pick up a satchel of chalk. Chalk will be best friends with your fingers, providing grip and reducing any bruises to your hands. All in all the EXPerience is unique for each person conquering literal and mental obstacles at the Cliffs. Get out there & climb!

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