BurgerFi has often been compared to Shake Shack. Though they have some strong similarities, eating at BurgerFi has its perks. With Shake Shack you will get tasty burgers, delicious fries, long lines and a fight for a seat! At BurgerFi the lines are short and the seating is spacious. They have a great indoor and outdoor atmosphere. If you’re all about going green than Burgerfi will give Shake Shack a run for that starter spot! Their tables are made from recycled wood, while their chairs are made from recycled coke cans. The meat that they use is all organic. BurgerFi is bring healthy into the greasy fast food world. They also have an amazing veggie burger that makes even the meat loves want a bite! If you decide to stop at BurgerFi you must try their Parmesan fries! With generous proportions, we suggest you bring a sharing buddy.