Cove Lounge


Nestled in the middle of Historic Harlem — Cove Lounge provides a cozy, comfortable yet sexy feel in a cave-like atmosphere. On the main floor you will find outdoor seating, two bars, and three dining/lounge areas. There’s also a bar and small lounge area on the lower level which is what makes the Cove experience more cave-like when the right amount of people are in the lounge for the night.

FullSizeRenderThe food is excellently prepared, the staff are helpful and friendly, and also you’ll find me, DJ Jazzy Joyce, spinning. Being in the midst of Harlem there’s an awesome demographic mix making the Cove’s crowd unpredictably entertaining and ecliptic. So take a visit to Cove for a completely delightful experience — visually, audio-wise and most importantly taste-wise. If you happen to be around on Sunday stop by for Bubbles & Brunch.