Delilah’s Steaks


20150823_141841On the corner of Engert Ave and McGuinnes Blvd sits a delicious authentic slice of Philly. Delilah’s Steak is located on 55 McGuinness BLVD S, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Walking into the narrow cheese steak shop, it feels as if you have been transported to the city of brotherly love! The wall that runs throughout Delilah’s has an amazing mural which was created by a well know artist, Isaiah Zagar.  Isaiah was born in Brooklyn but raised in Philly. He is well known in Philadelphia for his mur20150823_132450als on public walls throughout the city. Delilah’s holds Isaiah’s first New York mural.

In case you are wonder where the name Delilah’s Steak came from, Tommy Ferrick, the owner, named the shop after a famous strip club in Philly. Tommy is always behind the counter ready to greet you with a big smile. Conversations with Tommy are always fun and interesting! Born and raised in Philly, he will make sure your order is fully authentic! EXP favorites, of course, the Philly Cheese Steaks (everything on it with cheese whiz), Pork Roll (a well know Philly sandwich) and Fries with cheese sauce!!