Doughnut Plant


When you want into Doughnut Plant your first thought will be, “for the high price you pay for having a doughnut here, they better be amazing”….and they really are! The interior decor is awesome but the place is pretty small with limited seating. Doughnut Plant is an NYC favorite so it tends to get pretty packed. The doughnuts are fresh and full of flavor! All of their doughnuts are great but two of our favorites are the Wild Blueberry Cake and Chocolate Hazelnut Doughseed. The Wild Blueberry Cake has a strong blueberry taste with a perfect glaze on the outside! The Chocolate Hazelnut Doughseed is soft on the outside and stuffed to perfection. Over all Doughnut Plant is amazing! If you are not a doughnut fan now, just wait until you try Doughnut Plant!