Emack & Bolio’s


Emack & Bolio’s will give you a serious ice cream addition! This little ice cream shop on the Upper East Side has some of the best ice-cream cones we’ve ever had. Our eyes grew huge the first time we saw the large selection of creative dipped waffle cones! They have everything from Fruit Loop dipped cones to Oreo.
The staff is alway smiling and friendly. There are so many great can creative flavors that you won’t know where to start! But the staff lets you try as many flavors as you want before ordering which is nice. Its a small shop with not too much room to maneuver. There are a few seats and a nice bench outside the shop. The place usually gets crowded so we suggest taking your ice cream and taking a walk to the east river. The ice cream is a little on the expensive side but it is worth every penny!