EXP Views: Summer From Red Hook


Above the beginning of Red Hook, two subway lines roar throughout the day, the F and G trains provide the only train service to this local getaway. Smith-9th street station stands triumphantly above the Gowanus canal. Visitors can get off here to witness views of the statue of liberty, Manhattan’s waterfront sky line, with New Jersey and Staten Island in the distance.

20160607_131420Smith-9th street station opened in 1933, from 2009 to 2012 it went under much needed┬áconstruction. Descending from this station in the sky, there are new renovations & art to notice. Once you reach the bottom take either the B63 bus towards IKEA or the free IKEA shuttle bus (which comes every 30min). The featured photos were taken on a bike ride, so if you’re feeling adventurous use that nifty GPS and plug in the streets. Admittingly this area is not easy to navigate but the sights are worth it. If you rather stay with civilization definitely find your way to Van Bruen Street, it has a handful of restaurants & novelty shops.

Sights to see are IKEA’S outdoor property, Fareway’s waterfront seating area, Pioneer Works Museum and Valentino Pier. Both IKEA and Fareway have water taxi’s that take passengers to lower Manhattan. Fun fact, if you purchase food or goods at IKEA the water taxi is free when you show your receipt! There is also free kayaking at the Valentino pier, just sign a waiver and be prepared to get wet. EXPerience and Enjoy the Red Hook views!

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