EXPerience: Claw Daddy’s


Move over Krusty Krab, a better nautical sensation has taken over the taste buds of seafood lovers. Claw Daddy’s is located on 185 Orchard street, in Manhattan’s Lower East side. Take the F train to 2nd Avenue for this ocean of sensual galore. Upon entering, an enticing aroma flirts with your nose. Wooden seating areas, thick ropes tied to abstract light fixtures and colorful chalk displays dance together to form a warm interior design.

20160426_223801Remember the joy that used to fill your imagination at the sight of a Crayola box? Claw Daddy’s provides a handful of colors to use on your table, which is draped in large brown paper to doodle while you wait. Rekindling nostalgia, customers can draw their hunger pains or illustrate their excitement. So get your elbows on the table!

Mmm messy eating is good eating. The waiter provides a bib, bucket and utensils all in the name of shameless chow down.  Ordering Claw Daddy’s entrees is a golden decision. King crab, lobster, crawfish, shrimp all ready to be doused in homemade sauces. Choose from garlic butter, Cajun spice, Cajun parmesan, lemon & pepper or just a classic water boil. Do not forget a side of bread either, everyone needs a dipping sidekick to help soak up the sauce.

IMG_4614Drink up with a well-rounded variety of beer and mixed drinks. Calling on nostalgia again, Claw Daddy’s Caprisun is an instant classic. With seven options to choose from, each served in a transparent pouch, the adult beverage will clearly swirl your taste buds. Don’t forget, happy hour happens daily from 5pm-7:30pm. For non-alcoholic drinkers, there is a good selection of organic tea, homemade tea, and classic soft drinks.

After experiencing this seafood smorgasbord your stomach is guaranteed to smile. It’s almost as if the child in us grew up to be an adult with good taste. Experience champion eating for a good price, Claw Daddy’s for the Win!