Fig. 19


Some of the best spots in New York City are hidden in plain sight. At 131 1/2 Chrystie Street resides a bright art gallery that is open unusually late. To find this speakeasy you will need to walk directly to the back of the gallery. You will find an obscure door that blends in with the gallery wall. On the other side of that door you will find an awesome bar space. The style is very old-fashioned, even the cash register looks antique. They have a great drinks here. It is worth working your way through their entire selection. On your way to Fig. 19 make sure to take notice of the current exhibit; the Lodge Gallery regularly features interesting pieces. T here is also a dive bar called Home Sweet Home located downstairs. People often get lost on the way to Fig. 19 and end up down there. The ambiance is different but don’t worry the crowd is just as fun.