Global Citizen Festival


“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

On September 24th 2016, thousands of people attended the Global Citizen festival. Central park found a sea of peace & passionate causes in its heart at the Great Lawn. Global Citizen Festival, co-founded by Hugh Evans, Simon Moss and Wei Soo in 2008, was established to bring awareness of chronic global issues, from environmental decay to social injustices. Allied with the likes of United Nations, UNICEF and Care, to name a few, one global citizen has the power of millions. Probably the most influential 8-year old anyone knows!

A red mega-sized “O” housed each speaker and musician, in the distance, it looked like an alien spaceship. Every few minutes a speaker emerged from partner organizations such as Water Collective, Action Against Hunger, Mama Hope and numerous others. Three Jumbotron screens cosmically floated in respective sections of the lawn, left, right and centered, positioned to display the stage. Lights and smoke streams danced at each performance, even in the distance audience members witnessed their greatness. Metallica, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and a handful of other talents were the gifts given to global citizens. Music, being a universal unifier, was the language everyone understood.

This collective movement encourages people of all backgrounds to be heroes by questioning our social responsibility and creating new opportunities to help. From different global regions yet sharing the same path, a Syrian refugee and Brooklynite can utilize social media to shift the world’s attention towards medical crisis. Therefore preventing future deaths and impoverished conditions are in the hands of world leaders reminded to believe in humanity by the cause of global citizens. Every human has a heart and this foundation invigorates our generation to be on the same rhythm, moving towards change.

On a personal level, I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend this festival. There is a traditional narrative of activism that requires people’s physical energy & attention, at some point, we are all activists in our own right. Challenging a norm, you and the ambassador of Uganda share a need for change in common. Click here to find a cause you’re passionate about!