Scott Campbell’s “Whole Glory”


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: At the center of the installation is a hole. On the other side of that hole is Scott Campbell. He will tattoo (for free) any arm that comes through. There is no communication. Scott will tattoo whatever he is inspired to do, and recipient doesn’t get to see until it’s finished.

All of Scott Campbell’s Instagram posts this weekend have thanked a select few for their confidence. And the Whole Glory exhibition at the Milk gallery in the Meatpacking district is based on just that. This blind trust that is really hard to give. Surprisingly, it seems NYC is more than willing to join in the raffle to be one of the few to be tattooed by Scott Campbell with no interaction or even the chance to watch him in action.

I got there at 8:30 am on Sunday and was one of at least 50 who waited to be one of the three to be tattooed that morning. Sadly, I was not lucky enough! Follow Scott Campbell (@Scampbell333) on Instagram to see all the beautiful masterpieces he created this past weekend.