The Museum of Feelings by Glade


From November 24th — December 15th Glade is hosting their pop-up interactive exhibit, the Museum of Feelings, that turns emotions into art. Two EXPers, (Alex Aviles & Musa Johnson) share their experience exploring this installation.

Alex A.

Now this is how you do great undercover marketing. When you walk into the Museum of Feelings in Battery Park City, you have no idea what you are walking into: an experience for all of your senses!

“Each installation invites emotional interaction.
Touch, feel, play, listen, imagine and breathe.”

IMG_5573You are given scented cards, 3D glasses and every room has a scent named after a mood. You can dance and jump around to make light move and you will get a little lost in the forest of LED lights.

At the end of this experience, you can even purchase your favorite scents and take a photobooth picture based on your feeling after a hand scan.

The exhibit ends on Dec 15th so get to downtown Manhattan and “turn your emotions into art.” Check out their site.

Musa J.

On the edge of the Hudson, where the World Trade Center triumphantly stands, a smaller piece of architecture glows. Gradually changing color, neon purple to yellow capturing onlookers eyes as if a UFO has landed. Mysterious yet familiar, the Museum of Feelings works its wonder. We all have feelings that come and go, Glade has decided to give us an experience of some to explore.

Consisting of 5 themed rooms 

  • Calm
  • Exhilarated
  • Wanderlust
  • Optimistic
  • Joyful

 this museum reminded me of Alice & Wonderland. People moved in groups bringing their imaginations & feelings. Each room had a staff member briefly explaining the room prior to entering. A journey full of perception was enticing people of all ages.

IMG_5569Optimistic began the journey, a room flooded with purplish red lights. Steam pumped from vents as sparkles jumped around your body.

Stepping into the next room, Joyful, was like a futuristic dance off. The room was blue as multiple lights hailed onto eachh person, somehow following us as we moved. Depending on your light, there was a puddle of neon ripples that moved to the steps of your feet. Squiggles, zig zags and ambiguous shapes danced to each persons beat.

Next up, Wanderlust played with our eyes under 3D glasses. Super long strobes swung freely like the branches of willow trees in neon emerald green. Hundreds of them dangling & dancing with members of the room.

Stepping out into yet another sensory overload, Exhilaration awaited. This was a digital human kaleidoscope, super sharp yellows & pinks formed flower prisms in every direction. In the center were three control panels to manipulate the speed, form and shape of each corner. It was all truly a hands on experience.

Lastly, the Calm room seeped with heavy mist, like thick purple flowing fog that merged on the floor. Something out of a Prince video, very Hollywood vibe. Exiting this cloud, one last room appears back to normal where everyone talks about their experience. You can take thermal selfies, which read your blood and heart rate to pair with one of the 5 room feelings.

We tend to glow & flourish in environments that encourage. Glade has done a good job, allowing people to rethink what interactive means to their everyday experience. Our 5 senses continue to connect humans to our surroundings. Visit the Museum of Feelings for a life sized metaphor.

The Museum of Feelings is FREE ADMISSION.
OPEN TO PUBLIC: November 24th — December 15th
Monday — Saturday: 11am — 9pm
Sunday: 11am — 7pm
ADDRESS: 230 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10080