Nike 21 Mercer


Nike thrives on innovation. Their products are carefully created, the details and materials are constantly being pushed to their limits, constantly evolving. At Nike, fear does not deter them but instead inspires them. They are known for tackling the unknown and unthinkable. Through their products you will see materials that are not typically used in sneakers or apparel, making them a game changing company. That same concept and attitude was brought to Nike 21 Mercer. Nike wanted to change the approach of retail, create the way retail spaces were built and designed. Which is how the NikeLab idea was born! In May 2014, 21 Mercer closed down for redesign. When it reopened in June it was no longer just any Nike store, it was a NikeLab! 21 Mercer is one of only five NikeLabs in the world! In this retail space is about using the minimum of materials. Everything is held together mechanically. But for Nike it’s not enough just to make a store from recyclable material, it has to be beautiful and it has to be able to perform! I mean that’s what Nike lives by, performance.

Not only does the store look dope but it is also a sneakerheads dream shop! They receive the exclusive shoes They carry a store full of quick strikes! So if you’re there and see a sneaker you love, we suggest you buy! There is a good chance it won’t be there the next time you’re in store!