Salt & Fat


Out of bounce and worth the travel, Salt & Fat is a tapas style Korean restaurant. The atmosphere is small and cozy. It seems to have a never ending flow of people so be aware that you might have a wait! But don’t worry there are some nice bars around to grab a drink in the meantime.

20150117_203324-1Salt & Fat does things a little different. Instead of bread and butter on your table, you will find mouth watering bacon popcorn! Their dishes are creative, tasty and meant to share!
They have everything from Yellowtail tartare to Long Island Duck breast. Just a little tip, the “Shaved” Hudson Valley Foie Gras is on the dinner menu but taste more like a desert. With its sweet and salty taste we suggest you order it as your last dish. Speaking of dessert! Salt & Fat has mouth water combinations! Rice Krispies, Marshmallow Ice Cream is our Ballers’ Weekend favorite! We also highly recommend that you try the rotating chef’s special!