The Strand Smokehouse


The Strand Smokehouse is the go to bar in Astoria Queens! Each day they have an assortment of different barbeque food and sides that are all delicious. Some of our favorites include a 1/4 roasted chicken, beef brisket, beef tips, mac & cheese, pickles, homemade coleslaw. . . and plenty of others that are too hard to remember! The concept is fun! You go to a counter, order what you want and how much you want (they charge by the pound), it’s put on a tray and you pay. The only bad thing is there is usually a long line that does not move too quickly. Also, sometimes the meats they serve get cold very quickly. But they still taste great! The Strand also has a great selection of bourbons and beer. And they have some pretty unique cocktails too! Also, on weekends there is usually live music. The place used to be a huge blockbuster. The Strand took the entire Blockbuster and converted it into their bar. No matter how packed it is, there seems to always be seating! It’s definitely one of the top places I take friends who are visiting Astoria!