Ready, set & SPIN!


Spin is a very bougie ping pong lounge. The food and drinks are fairly priced being in the usual Chelsea area. It’s not far from N/R train and the first ever built-Shake Shack if you wished to grab a bite.

There are plenty of tables, but I still would recommend making reservations. This place gets packed, even on a Wednesday night.

The service is great. There is free coat check. You don’t have to pick up any ping pong balls. Yep, there’s no need to break your back after a long day. Their staff makes sure that you have plenty of balls to volley, miss, break and compete in a ping pong marathon. The decor of the place reminds me of a bachelor’s studio. This lounge has sofas and curtains draped for each section.

If you don’t enjoy playing ping pong, you can definitely enjoy the elaborate wall artwork. Each wall has its own vibe and the tables are separated by a curtain divider. Not into art? They have a huge flat TV screen to catch up with your sports teams. In terms of food, I would say that it’s the usual bar foods: wings, truffle fries, spinach dips and your occasional kale salad. Yes, I said truffle fries. They were indeed delicious.

As always, check out their website for more details: