Rime NYC


Attention all sneakerheads!! Rime NYC is what you have been dreaming about! You know those sneaker you have been searching high and low for? Well you will most likely find it at Rime. They have two location, the original store in Brooklyn and their newer addition is the Upper East Side. The attention to details flows from the store design, to the display of the sneakers, to the sneakers themselves. The owner of Rime, Sue Boyle, is the sneaker queen. Sue and her staff have an enormous knowledge of sportswear. The selection you will find at Rime is personally picked by Sue. Rime prides themselves on not only have a vast selection of sneakers for men but also for women! There are plenty of women sneakerheads out there deprived and overlooked, but not here! So make sure to check them out at one of their two locations.