Ruby’s Cafe

Lunch from Ruby's Cafe

Let’s be honest, Australia is just too far to think about visiting for a quick authentic Aussie bite. Luckily for us in New York City, lots of Australian cafes and eateries have been popping up in the past couple years. Ruby’s Cafe is amongst the crowd, but stands out with its delicious dishes. You can go there at any time of the day and expect a satisfying meal– really, the pasta, salads, burgers, breakfast– nothing seems to fail at Ruby’s. They even have quite a range of drinks and alcohol.

It’s a fairly small and cozy spot in Nolita, but they’ve made most out of the space they have; the staff and casual environment makes it feel like you’re at a picnic in a friend’s backyard. There are small tables, but more picnic tables where different parties are seated together to save space and waiting time. It doesn’t get too uncomfortable sharing a table, so don’t be shy and make a new friend over some good food! The downside is that they don’t take reservations and the wait can get intense at meal times, but it’s worth a trip. Go for a burger or bowl of pasta or swing by in the morning for an Aussie breaky and try their Vegimite toast.