“The Past is My Present” by painter Rebecca Maria


Along the strip of Rivington street you’ll find graffiti, old shops, new galleries and the work of New Jersey native Rebecca Maria. Walking by you will immediately be grabbed by hand painted canvas pieces. Bringing a refreshing tribute to the 1990s and early 2000s, nostalgia runs freely through her work. The only place where Super Smash Bros meets Bad Boy records, Rebecca recreates action shots from video games, movies and hip hop videos. Using acrylic paint and oil to bring these characters to life, she depicts each scene using colorful palettes and simplicity.

20160813_130905Three walls bare the subtle yet epic work. To the left 48″ x 48″ sized Super Smash Bros fight next to an angry Vegeta who stands next to Space Jam’s Bugs Bunny. The forefront wall has a collective of smaller 24″ × 14″ paintings capturing scenes from Dipset’s “Hey Ma” to Paid in Full. And to the right additional 48″ × 48″ pieces featuring The Simpsons meet Astro Boy and the Dragon Ball Z Frieza Saga. With each piece Rebecca Maria leads viewers down memory lane, inviting us to remember what once brought us joy.

To inquire, purchase or just simply experience her work take a look at:

@rebecccamaria (Instagram)

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