Sweet Chick


Oh, how sweet it is! Who is ready for some sweet southern comfortin’ food?  This place is extremely cute! It has a sweet southern sass to its vibe. They named it, Sweet Chick, for a reason. ‘Nah mean? Your water is served in a mason jar and your seats are little wooden elementary seats. Don’t feel so little yet. The playlist has a little Yeezy and Joey BadA$$ taste playing in the background. *click my shoes* Am I home yet?

This place is known for its waffle and chicken. The appetizers are definitely bite-size and the entrees are pretty filling. In the photo is the Nashville *HOT* chicken and milk jam waffle. When they asterisk HOT, the kick is definitely a burning one. I would not recommend this to my friends who could only handle black and white peppers on their meals. I needed a waterfall of water on my tongue. It was spicy! Besides the spicy, the chicken was made with a rich crispy outer layer and moist and tender in the center.

The waffles were so light and fluffy that I literally hug it with my teeth. They had a slight crisp, like the crispy air of the Fall season. It was really refreshing. The milk jam reminds me of a light sweetened condensed milk. I like that it was drizzled and not covered and drowned with it. I was skeptical at the combination waffle. However, the chemistry of the flavors works well together. The waffle cools the intense heat from the chicken.

You should check out their menu before you go! They had a few other interesting chicken and waffle selections, such as Buffalo Chicken and Waffles, Parmesan Chicken and many more. Why be full, when you should be satisfied! Can’t reach to LES? Not a problem. Their second location is in Brooklyn.

Check out their website for more information: sweetchicknyc.com.