Welling Court Mural Project – The Hidden Art Scene of Queens


Back in 2009, Welling Court was just another street in Astoria, Queens.  A half circle shaped road of unadorned houses a good distance from any subway lines and around the corner from a community garden.  Nothing out of the ordinary for a street in the [objectively] best borough of New York City.  Queens is known for its diversity and Welling Court is no exception to the this norm.  Though the street itself looked plain, the residents of Welling Court wanted something that represented their diversity, which would make their small street stand out.  They banded together and contacted Ad Hoc Art to transform their little street into something more exciting.  Little did the community know that this would lead to the creation of a major art project known as the Welling Court Mural Project.

Ad Hoc Art is an art design team that was founded in 2006 which focuses on promoting various types of fringe art (street art, pop surrealism, comic book art, tattoo art, etc).  When they first were approached by the Welling Court community, they had no idea of how big their project would become.  In December 2009, Ad Hoc Art created their first mural in Welling Court.  They then spent the rest of winter curating mural ideas throughout Welling Court and the streets surrounding it.  In May 2010, the mural project officially began with 40 murals.  Since then, the team organizes artists every spring to come and paint new murals in the Welling Court area.  Now, the project boasts 140 distinct murals from artists across the globe.  What makes Welling Court so unique is that all the art is so intricate, well curated and available all year around.  However, it all only remains for a year before it’s replaced with new works of art every spring.

So if you haven’t done so already, make your way out to Astoria and check out the Welling Court Mural Project (along with everything else Queens has to offer).  The residents of the street will definitely welcome you to their turf!

The Welling Court Mural Project can be found at 11-98 Welling Ct, Queens, NY 11102.  Below are some pictures I’ve taken in that area over the past few years: