Aglit Italy


Aglit Italy has brought high fashion to the sneaker industry. They started their brand creating premium laces made out of materials such as suede, leather, and gold. Aglit Italy is now venturing out to other accessories: wallets, belts and leather snapbacks — just to name a few. They are innovators, not afraid to go against the norm. We had the opportunity to sit down with the mastermind behind it all, Tarik “Starway” Baker.

Q- The tip of the shoelace is called an Aglet did that influence the name?
A- It definitely influenced the name and a lot of people don’t even know what it is because its on more than shoelaces. Such as sweatpants and hoodies. It’s the little plastic piece, people don’t know its called an aglet a-g-l-e-t, we changed aglit for search engine acronyms.

Q-  What is your core passion for doing this?
A- I just like dope stuff I design for what’s missing not for what’s trending that’s how I work. It’s like a needle in a haystack because it is hard to find what’s missing. But if you don’t care about designing for what’s trending you’re going to find that one little thing even if its been done a little bit. There’s always something about it you can change even if its something small. In Aglit Italy’s case, the basic shoe lace is made out of nylon and some of the first were made out of cowhide leather now it’s different. It’s all about the premium and enhancing the shoe.

Q- Luxury and sneakers aren’t normally two words that are associated with each other, How do you think your brand is doing to create such a market for this?
A- The sneaker world has advanced to a lot of collaborations with some of the bigger designers. The culture has influenced high fashion. You look just as good going to work in a pair of sneakers as you do shoes. Previously, luxury and sneakers didn’t go together but now you can mix it together. Now that sneaker is just as sharp as that YSL pointy toe wing tip or just as much as that runner.

Q- Instagram is a platform a lot of brands use to express themselves, How do you come up with new poses for something that might be difficult for others?
A- People have short attention spans, you have to give them what they want — something hot for a short period of time but on a basic level. Our instagram is a combination of pictures from our iphone and high end pictures like the ones for our campaign. So they get two things, they know that we are a professional quality brand to go with and also that we’re real people. Thats the luxury and the culture, we’re mixing it together culturally driven with luxury standards.

Q- What are you favorite places to go while you’re out here?
A- I’m a downtown guy! Soho, Tribeca, LES. I like to just walk the streets out here.
Q- What makes you love it?
A- I like the humbleness of it. How it’s still community but it has some trend to it. Like the architecture, it’s just time that it took to put those bricks together compared to the high rise I just respect that.

Q- As far as fashion how do you think that extends beyond clothing?
A- Fashion is your life. It’s picking sheets for your bed, your couch, your cologne. I always tell people dress comfortable, it makes you confident. New York is the mecca for that and we just go ahead and spread it out.

On our instagram we held a contest to win 2 tickets to the Celebrity All-Star game at Madison Square Garden and a pair of premium black suede aglit italy lace. The lucky winner is: @mitchmambo! DM us on instagram @ballersweekend to claim your prize.

Didn’t win? Don’t worry, Aglit Italy is hosting a NYC pop-up shop Sunday February 15th at 311 W Broadway in Soho. What we love about their pop-ups is that you have an opportunity to touch, feel, and experience their premium product in person. Starway attends all the pop-up shops. So if you’re there don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’!